Solaris Tattoo Butter

Solaris Tattoo Butter

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Our skin is our biggest organ so why would you rub products full of chemicals and synthetic ingredients into an open wound that is your new tattoo ?

Solaris Tattoo Care was created to fill a nich that was missing in the tattoo market, products that are actually natural and packed with goodness.

Solaris are committed to creating 100% natural, plant based products using certified organic ingredients and handmade on the Sunshine Coast infused with Australian native botanical extracts, healing oils and butters to offer those that care about their health and the environment a solution to tattoo aftercare.

We use and recommend Solaris Tattoo Care to all of our clients here at our private tattoo studio at Sol Temple and many studios and artists around the world do the same


Currently available in 20 ml and 50 ml sizes and can be used to aid in the healing and protection of fresh tattoos as well as rejuvenate and bring life back to existing tattoos thanks to its natural active ingredients.

All Solaris products are all natural and not diluted with water like other aftercare brands, a little goes a long way and its packed full of goodness.

Pair with Solaris Tattoo Soap for best results.

All Solaris products are:

Proudly vegan and always cruelty free
Contains only certified organic and natural ingredients
Contains no chemicals, synthetic ingredients or nasties
Palm oil free
Sustainably sourced ingredients
Non-GMO and Gluten Free

Contains all natural ingredients that have been tried and tested for thousands of years.
Packaged in glass and shipped in biodegradable plastics to minimise eco footprint.