Vegan Tattooing

Founding Brisbane’s first 100% vegan tattoo studio, Stacey Night now brings her vegan tattooing process to the Sunshine Coast. Tattooing, like any art-form is forever changing; and we will always strive to find ways of improving this process and make it more sustainable for our planet and our clients. Sol Temple cares about what our clients are putting into their bodies. Not only do some inks and tattoo process products contain animal products including bone, shellac and lanolin but some also contain harmful chemicals and synthetics such as petroleum jelly. These ingredients go directly into the bloodstream through skin penetration from the needles. The inks used at Sol Temple are organic pigments completely free of any animal products or animal testing. Our intention is for you to receive an uplifting and healing tattoo experience and we want to ensure your tattoo isn’t harmful to you or our planet. Sol Temple uses eco, recyclable and biodegradable products as well as no animal products and no animal testing. Owners Stacey and Chris are passionate about holistic living and live a vegan lifestyle, so you can rest assured that your money will not be contributing to any cruelty or planet degradation. Sol temple strives to give back and educate where possible; by donating where we can, holding event fundraisers for animal charities and other organisations that are holistic and important to us. Sol Temple are proud stockists of hand-made, organic, vegan aftercare brand Solaris Tattoo Care. Solaris is hand made intentionally for your best healing, ensuring your tattoo heals quickly and well without any harmful chemicals or preservatives going into your bloodstream. If you have any more questions regarding vegan tattooing or tattooing in general please get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help!